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Therapy vs Life coaching – when to choose one over the other.

When it comes to personal development and growth, there are a variety of tools and practices available to help individuals achieve their goals. Two common practices are therapy and life coaching. While these practices share some similarities, they are fundamentally different in their approach and focus. In this blog, we will explore the differences between therapy and life coaching, and provide guidance on when to choose one over the other.

In summary, while therapy and life coaching share some similarities, they are fundamentally different practices. Therapy is focused on healing past trauma and addressing mental health concerns, while life coaching is focused on achieving goals and maximizing potential. The training and credentials required for each practice also differ, with therapists typically having a degree and license, while coaches are largely unregulated. The timeframe and approach also differ, with therapy being a longer-term process focused on healing, while life coaching is typically a shorter-term process focused on achieving specific goals. Ultimately, the choice between therapy and life coaching depends on an individual’s needs and goals. If you are interested in exploring life coaching as a tool for achieving your goals, I highly recommend checking out the services offered by Ashwani Deswal.Find all details here – As a certified life coach with years of experience helping clients achieve their goals, he has the knowledge and expertise to guide you on your journey to success.