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Best life coach
certification Course

by the best life coach in India 

LEARN – EARN – GROW by coaching clients worldwide

Duration : 12 weeks

108 hours + training

Online Live Sessions

International Acrredition

Sessions with real clients

Start your Buisness

Let's Make it happen together

Having coached 100 thousands+ people from 120+ Countries  to overcome dullness, depression, stress and achieve health, happiness & success( overall wellbeing) in their lives with his unique wholistic approach to life coaching.

Ashwani Deswal  have decided to pour all his wisdom – tested, proven -successful tools, methods & frameworks in this powerful life coach certification Course that he had been using for over a decade to empower people world-wide to create the results & changes they desire in their personal and professional lives. He invites you (aspiring & existing life coaches) to undergo a process of self mastery & contribute in serving the humanity

~ Ashwani Deswal

Life Coach & Mindfulness Coach

This Course is for YOU if ↓

If your answer is “YES” to any of the above questions, then you are at the right place

Start Your Career as a Life Coach

Now more than ever, the world is starving for people that have the wisdom and knowledge to guide them and help them succeed in their various aspect of life. Make Your Passion a Profession- here is your one-time opportunity to create a rewarding practice as a Professional Life Coach.

Program Structure

This course is designed to help you build a rewarding practice as a life coach. Get hands on training & materials


Becoming a coach

Experience live sessions and interactive materials to master essential coaching skills


Coaching Clients

Apply acquired knowledge by conducting real-life sessions and gaining experience

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Internationally Certified

Achieve international accreditation from ACS and IPHM upon successful evaluation


Build Coaching Business

Identify your niche and acquire skills to launch your coaching business


Serve and Earn

Begin your practice, providing impactful service while earning

Identify the fundamentals that would ensure your Success as a life coach

International Accreditation

Discover excellence in life coaching with this accredited certification course. Recognized by IPHM, the largest leading independent professional accreditation board worldwide, specialising in certifying alternative therapists, practitioners, healers, and training providers who practice holistic and alternative therapies.

This International Accreditation is acceptable worldwide like India, UK, Europe, USA, China, Canada, Australia etc…

This accreditation is a guarantee of quality and expertise. Once you have completed training & passed the assessment, you can display your qualification with great pride.

After This Course you'll be able to...

Take 1-on-1 Sessions

You can have Face to Face or online sessions with clients.

Corporate Companies

There are companies who look for and hire great life coaches. If you don’t want to own your business, this is another great option for you.

Schools & Colleges

You can go to schools and colleges for workshops or even work full time. These days institutions look for life coaches and counsellors to address the mental health of pupils and also guide them for a better career.

Success Stories

Coaches trained by Ashwani Deswal

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Prashanthi Akula Life coach

The positive shifts that have occurred in my life as a result of this course are nothing short of remarkable. It has been a complete 360-degree turn. The practical exposure that I got was invaluable. Ashwani Sir pays personal attention and care about each and every aspect of every student.

Amit Khandelwal Life coach

The powerful tools imparted, combined with a well-structured session format, have greatly bolstered my confidence in execution. Furthermore, the hands-on practical experiences were invaluable, The live sessions throughout the whole training time were very enriching. Thank you sir

Aysha Mazoon Life coach

Ashwani sir's teaching emphasizes molding great life coaches over fees. This course has positively transformed my life. I've become calmer, more patient, and appreciative of life's events. My confidence about the future has grown significantly since completing the course.

Debjani Chakraborty Life coach

This course is a real game changer if you want to understand what life coaching really means and what helps you bring required transformation in self and others. Whenever the class with Ashwani Sir started, I felt like it should never end. He employs storytelling and humor to impart knowledge, making lessons memorable

Sajan Malhotra Life coach

This course has empowered me to live my dream. Other courses may offer the quantity of topics but not the Quality, but in this course, I get both the quantity and the quality. The way to explain things so deeply with the appropriate examples by Ashwani sir is the best part of this course. Also, here I got direct interactions with sir.

Suryakumar Vijayan Life coach

With the skills I have learnt, with the guidance provided I am very confident that I have the right tools in order to start my practice as a life coach. The knowledge we gained is immeasurable. We learnt how to have this different perspective so we can empower people more and make them learn themselves without teaching.

Review By a Certified Life Coach

Review By a Certified Life Coach

Review By a Certified Life Coach

Review By a Certified Life Coach

Review By a Certified Life Coach

Review By a Certified Life Coach


Ashwani Deswal

Ashwani Deswal is one of the best life coach, corporate wellness coach & mindfulness expert in india. He is also the Author of ‘Energize Your Life’ and ‘108 Divine Seeds’.

He is a life coach & has expertise in yog, leadership, NLP, emotional intelligence & many other self development modalities.

Vast experience of helping thousands of people around the world.

Served 100,000 people from 120+ countries

Frequently asked questions

Is there any age limit?

While there is no strict age limit, we recommend participants be aged 21 or above to enroll. We believe that life experience contributes to becoming a more empathetic and effective life coach.

I am just a beginner. Can I still become a professional life coach by completing this course?

Absolutely! This course is meticulously crafted to empower beginners with no prior experience, providing comprehensive learning resources and guidance from scratch to professional standards. The structure enables learners to assimilate all necessary skills and knowledge to start a career in life coaching.

Do I need to have some license to practice Life Coaching?

A license is not required to practice life coaching. Our certification furnishes you with all requisite skills, knowledge, and practical exposure to commence your life coaching journey. We emphasize the importance of self-investment in training before asking clients to invest in your services, fortifying your confidence and practice.

I am not a trainer & wish to become one. Am I eligible?

Absolutely! Our course welcomes all aspiring individuals seeking to empower and uplift those around them. Whether your goal is to aid teammates, employees, family, or friends, this course provides the foundational learning and skills needed to enact positive change and guidance, making you eligible to enroll.

To become a life coach, is it necessary to be a psychologist or counselor?

No, a degree or certification in psychology or counseling is not a prerequisite for becoming a life coach. The life coaching industry doesn’t operate under stringent regulations requiring official licenses or certifications. What’s crucial is mastering the fundamental principles that facilitate transformation, and acquiring the coaching skills to guide individuals towards their goals. Our life coach certification provides a comprehensive understanding of human consciousness and the transformational tools needed to make a positive impact.

What will I gain from the Life Coach Certification at Ashwani Deswal International?

This course offers an in-depth exploration of the workings of human consciousness and a comprehensive package of transformative tools and knowledge. It empowers you not only to induce positive change in your life but also to facilitate transformation in the lives of others, equipping you with the necessary skills and understanding to guide people effectively towards achieving their aspirations.

Is this a live course or is it pre-recorded?

This is predominantly a live online course facilitated through Zoom, offering real-time interactions with Ashwani Deswal. In addition to live sessions, participants have access to a dedicated learning dashboard, updated regularly with supporting materials and resources, ensuring a dynamic and comprehensive learning experience.

Can I attend the course on campus (face-to-face)?

This course is exclusively online, maintaining a small batch size to ensure personalized and immersive learning experiences. The interactive and engaging format allows participants to connect from the comfort of their homes, fostering convenience and flexibility.

When are the sessions scheduled?

A weekly planner is provided every Sunday, outlining the schedule for the upcoming week. Sessions are generally conducted during weekend mornings but may occasionally be scheduled on weekdays, always with consideration to the convenience of all participants.

How often do sessions occur?

Sessions are scheduled 1 to 2 times per week, with the timing and days communicated in the weekly planner every Sunday. The schedule is designed to accommodate all participants, ensuring accessibility and convenience.

What if I miss a session?

Attending all sessions is crucial to fully benefit from the course. A weekly planner is shared every Sunday to allow participants to plan accordingly. In case of unavoidable circumstances leading to absence, communication with management is expected to discuss any necessary follow-ups or adjustments.

Can I access recorded sessions later?

Session recordings are primarily for internal review and, as such, are not available to participants. Engagement in live sessions is strongly encouraged to fully experience the interactive and comprehensive learning environment.

When does the course commence?

Upon completion of the payment process, the course is set to commence within 9 days. This swift initiation ensures participants can quickly immerse themselves in the transformative learning journey offered by the course.

1. What is Life Coaching?

Life coaching is a transformative practice focused on empowering individuals to achieve their personal and professional goals. Unlike therapy or counseling, it is action-oriented, concentrating on the present and future. Our course provides insights into facilitating positive change in oneself and others.

2. How do I become a Certified Life Coach?

To become a certified life coach, enroll in our 3-month online certification course, combining live sessions and self-learning. Upon successful completion, you’ll receive a certification, enabling you to practice as a professional life coach.

3. What Skills are Necessary for Life Coaching?

Effective communication, active listening, empathy, and goal-setting are essential skills for life coaching. Our course equips you with these skills and more, ensuring you can effectively support your clients.

5. Is Accreditation Important for Life Coaches?

Accreditation guarantees the quality and reliability of your certification. Our course is accredited, ensuring you receive recognized and respected credentials.

6. How do I start my own Life Coaching Business?

Our course includes module on starting your life coaching business, covering what fee you should keep in the beginning, how to start getting clients, is the website really needed to start, etc.

9. Can Life Coaching be done Online?

Yes! Our course is designed for online delivery, blending live sessions with self-learning, reflecting the flexibility and accessibility of online life coaching.

10. How long does it take to become a Life Coach?

Our accredited course is completed in three months, combining live interactions and self-paced learning, allowing you to commence your practice swiftly post-completion.

11. What are the Different Niches in Life Coaching?

Life coaching has diverse niches, including career, health, and relationship coaching. Our course provides an overview of these, allowing you to specialize based on your interests.

12. How do I know if Life Coaching is right for me?

If you're passionate about helping others achieve their goals and overcome challenges, life coaching might be for you. Our course allows you to explore this career and determine if it aligns with your aspirations.

13. Is there a demand for Life Coaches?

The demand for life coaches is growing, with more people seeking support in various life aspects. Our course equips you with the skills and knowledge to meet this rising need.

15. What are the Challenges of being a Life Coach?

Life coaching can be emotionally demanding and requires continuous learning and adaptability. Our course prepares you to face these challenges and provides ongoing support to navigate them.

Can I make a living as a Life Coach?

Absolutely! Life coaches can have rewarding careers, both financially and emotionally. Our course teaches you not only coaching skills but also business acumen to help you establish a successful practice.

How much does Life Coaching cost?

Pricing varies, but our course provides guidance on setting your fees and offers insights into package options, allowing you to cater to a broad client base.

How do Life Coaches get Clients?

Building an online presence, networking, and word of mouth are effective strategies. Our course offers insights into how to start your own life coaching business..

Do you have an installment plan?

Yes, we do! Book a call to know more about the payment method and installment options.

Can the fee be refunded?

The fee, once deposited, is non – refundable and non – transferable.

Yes! I want to become a life coach


Ashwani Deswal

Ashwani Deswal is one of the best life coach, corporate wellness coach & mindfulness expert in india. He is also the Author of ‘Energize Your Life’ and ‘108 Divine Seeds’.

He is a life coach & has expertise in yog, leadership, NLP, emotional intelligence & many other self development modalities.

Vast experience of helping thousands of people around the world.

For the past 13 years, Ashwani has coached 100 thousand + people from more than 120 countries to unlock their true potential & help them create the desired results in their personal & professional lives.
Plus he has trained hundreds of life coaches, trainers & Mental health experts.

He has personally coached leaders ( CEOS, directors, Scientists, Corporates and many more) from the best companies in the worlds such as Google ,Microsoft , Accenture ,CISCO ,Amazon, Infosys ,TCS, IBM, Deloitte ,SamSung Ernst & Young, Honeywell, JCB, American Express and many more. Mr. Ashwani is a highly energetic leader committed to a life of excellence and self-discovery.