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Inner science to Energize & Awaken

Create Health, Happiness & Success

Do you frequently feel low?

Negative thoughts trouble you?

Feel drained all the time?

Or You wish to Release any other toxic, unwanted thoughts, feelings, emotions, patterns, tendencies or behaviours in life?

SOLUTION: Mindfulness sessions

These sessions Reveal– Proven, Tested, Practical tools known to mankind for creating overall well-being in life

Gain access to powerful tools for personal growth & transformation through Mindfulness sessions


See What Others Have Said About Their Experience!

In life I had lots of depression and anger towards many things. After meeting Ashwani sir I feel that life has turned 360 degrees. Now I stay very happy. I feel very nice. I feel as if I am living a NEW life. Thank You so much. I am very happy.

Gurmeet Kaur Home maker

Mr. Ashwani Deswal is a highly PASSIONATE and ENERGETIC trainer. His Expertise in mindfulness & wellness helped me to improve my overall wellbeing. With sir’s guidance, I gained confidence, clarity of mind.

Prateek Singh VLSI Design Engineer

I feel very light and happy in the sessions. All the negativity goes and out and I feel very positive and calm. My Life has completely transformed. I feel more confident, positive, relaxed and happier

Anurag Chaudhary Hotel Manager


Consistent mindfulness sessions improve ALL Dimensions





Reduced Stress

Increases Energy

Improved Awareness

Improves Sleep Quality

Releases Anxiety, Fear

Increases Empathy

Enhanced Self Esteem

Reduces Depression


Who should attend it?

ANYONE– who wants to create overall wellbeing


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Sessions are scheduled as per your convenience & Coach availability. Different Time Zone Management is done effectively.

Sessions are usually of 60 mins. It may be extended depending upon your situation. Extra minutes are deducted from your package.

Sessions happen through online -zoom video call

Mindfulness, yog ,ancient breathwork, meditation


Mindfulness with Ashwani Deswal
  • No. of Sessions – 1
  • VALIDITY – 14 Days
  • Total Duration – 45 mins
  • Mode – Zoom Video


I felt full of positive energy & liveliness. I learnt a lot. And another great thing is that I can practice these wellness tools at home also. All tools are so practical and applicable in day to day life.

Sushmita Lenskart

The kind of energies I felt inside me was like never before. Now I am much more efficient, creative and productive. I have never been more happy and content before. Sessions transformed my life in all key areas.

Archit Takyar TIBCO Admin, TCS

With these sessions, I am now full of energy and see all the beautiful things. I am a completely changed person. Gained peace of mind, clarity and tools to refresh and rejuvenate myself. They are very powerful energy sessions.

Kapil Parmar Team Lead, Sopra Steria

Gained clarity, felt 360 change in mental, physical, spiritual, and professional growth. Everything I learned has become a part of my life and I can't thank Ashwani sir enough for this transformative experience.

Shivapriya Upadhyay Actress & Model​

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Ashwani Deswal

Ashwani Deswal is one of the best life coach, corporate wellness coach & mindfulness expert in india. He is also the Author of ‘Energize Your Life’ and ‘108 Divine Seeds’.

He is a life coach & has expertise in yog, leadership, NLP, emotional intelligence & many other self development modalities.

Vast experience of helping thousands of people around the world.

For the past 13 years, Ashwani has coached 100 thousand + people from more than 120 countries to unlock their true potential & help them create the desired results in their personal & professional lives.
Plus he has trained hundreds of life coaches, trainers & Mental health experts.

He has personally coached leaders ( CEOS, directors, Scientists, Corporates and many more) from the best companies in the worlds such as Google ,Microsoft , Accenture ,CISCO ,Amazon, Infosys ,TCS, IBM, Deloitte ,SamSung Ernst & Young, Honeywell, JCB, American Express and many more. Mr. Ashwani is a highly energetic leader committed to a life of excellence and self-discovery.


There are so many of us that just don’t have the resources or understanding that we need to live a healthful & mindful life. That’s where a mindfulness coach comes in. Most of us have a doctor and some of us might even see a nutritionist/dietician. A mindfulness coach does not replace either of these, instead, he serves as an incredibly valuable supplement to these.

Ashwani Deswal is the best mindfulness coach, he uses various modalities to restore and health & balance in your life. One of the biggest benefits to consulting a mindfulness coach is accountability; sometimes the biggest challenge standing between a person and their goal(s) is their inability to commit to their own progress. Your mindfulness coach will always be on ”Team You” even when you aren’t.

Wellness is much more than physical health, exercise or nutrition. It is the complete integration of the states of physical, mental and spiritual well-being.


Mindfulness is a type of meditation in which you focus on being intensely aware of what you’re sensing and feeling in the moment, without interpretation or judgment. Practicing mindfulness involves breathing methods, guided imagery, and other practices to relax the body and mind and help reduce stress.

Research has revealed that mindfulness is effective in reducing depression and anxiety. With a good mindfulness coach, we learn how to respond to stress and anxiety with an awareness of what is happening in here and now, rather than simply acting compulsively or intuitively, ignorant of what emotions or motives may be running that decision. By having awareness of one’s physical and mental state at the moment, mindfulness allows for “response” rather than “reaction” to difficult situations.
Mindfulness works in a number of ways. It encourages us to open up and accept our emotions. As a result, we are better able to identify, experience, and process our emotions. Mindfulness also encourages us to see things from different perspectives.

According to neuroscience research, mindfulness practices dampen activity in our amygdala and increase the connections between the amygdala and prefrontal cortex. Both of these parts of the brain help us to be less reactive to stressors and to recover better from stress when we experience it.

One thing to keep in mind is that while time may feel limited, adding mindfulness into our lives tends to help us prioritize and become more efficient both at home and at work. Additionally, taking time to replenish our reserves can enable us to better meet the demands of our very busy lives.

Mindfulness is right for anyone who would like to feel more in control of their thoughts, rather than their thoughts controlling them.

Being mindful can help us to take a mental step back from the negative automatic thoughts that can crowd our minds, hinder our self-esteem or affect our relationships with those around us. It won’t make your problems go away, but it can give you the ability to see past them and gain a bit of perspective.

Wear whatever you are comfortable in. Prefer loose clothes so that your body is relaxed.

You just need an open mind and seeking to learn the ancient Science of over all wellbeing.

It is a powerful way to develop our minds and learn something more about how we are choosing to live our lives. Just as we know that we can train our bodies to be stronger and more resilient and more flexible, we know that we can train our minds.

No prior experience is needed. Come with an open mind.

Release Stress, Anxiety, Negativity
Enhanced Awareness & Creativity
Increased Focus & productivity
Deep Relaxation & Constructive Mindset
Deep Relaxation & Constructive Mindset

Learn the most practical & easy to apply mindfulness modalities in day to day life. Book your first session to start your life transfoeming journey

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