Ashwani Deswal – Best Corporate Trainer | Life Coach and Well-being Expert


Mansi Manchanda Asst. Manager, American Express

He made me realize my hidden capabilities and the ability to do everything in the world. He has changed the way I see life. The wellness & Mindfulness tools and wisdom shared has transformed my life. His way of training is very unique. Life Coaching sessions with Sir broke my limitations and brought clarity of mind. Now I am pretty much confident about facing the world and living my life to the best. Thank You sir, you are an amazing life coach.

Komal Kalia Analyst Talent Acquisition, Concentrix

While attending his wellness & mindfulness session, I was feeling myself in another world and I think the world where I was that was the world for me. No thoughts, no situations, no life. It’s just me and my peace of mind. He is the best Life coach & Corporate trainer. Ashwani sir has a different aura. He is a really good mindfulness expert who is full of life, passion & sincerity. Thank you for everything.

Nomita Kapoor Data Profiling lead, Accenture

I got in touch with him when I lost hope in life. There were so many things which were otherwise in my life. And since the first session, I felt comfortable to share and ask all I wanted to and he always listened with patience and coached me to create the changes and results in my life. He helped me to rise – to stand once again in my life. He is a great life coach and mindfulness expert. Thank you so much for empowering me.

Manasa Nagaraj Quality Assurance Tester , Amazon

I have seen a tremendous change in me. Ashwani Sir provides you with innumerable corporate wellness tools and life-changing rituals that help you and are also very practical in today’s world. He would also make sure to take the feedback on all the tools that he gives you and follows up on it. Ashwani is a great wellness coach & a kind human being who makes this world a better place to live in

Akanksha Purohit IT Manager @ Accenture, Germany

Earlier I used to have anger issues and I was not happy with myself. But after taking sessions from Ashwani Deswal, a great Life coach, I feel happy and I am healthier than before. I feel he has excellent skills in identifying the issues and providing simple routine changes which give maximum impact. The corporate wellness tools shared are very effective.

Archit Takyar TIBCO Admin, TCS

The first day I met Ashwani Deswal was a completely Life Changing experience. The kind of energies I felt inside me was like never before. Earlier I had health issues and I was not even doing well professionally. But after taking sessions from him, I have not only improved my health considerably but also performing well in my company. Now I am much more efficient, creative and productive. I have never been more happy and content before.

Ram Nikkam Project Manager, United Kingdom

Earlier I used to be very stressed due to various factors resulting in a negative outlook on life and low energy levels. Right from the 1st training session with Ashwani Deswal, I felt such a massive shift. I felt more energetic and stronger. I followed the corporate wellness tools shared by him and felt even stronger. I feel more positive. My family has also noticed that. I have restored health & balance in life.

Upmanyu R1 RCM

Ashwani Deswal Sir is a top-class corporate Trainer, Life coach, Mindfulness Expert & wellness coach. He is an amazing human being. My life has changed with lots of results and success. As a result of his Corporate Training & corporate wellness program, I have been promoted to handle international clients. I am succeeding progressively all thanks to sir.

Swati Deshwal Senior Business Analyst-HEOR, Evalueserve

I’ve had pleasure of knowing Ashwani for long back. He is a self-motivated and highly energetic Corporate Trainer. The work that he is doing to empower individuals in leadership and personality is great. There is a great need to motivate individuals and show them the right path. Best wishes for future endeavors

Sunanda Genpact

Before I entered for the session, I was very dull and sleepy. The moment the session started, I started feeling positive. The environment was very calm and relaxing. Ashwani sir is a very nice Life coach & corporate trainer. The session went so deep that I got emotional. I got so connected with all his teachings. I felt very energetic and stress-free. Never felt so calm and peaceful. I felt like I was in heaven. It was a very beautiful session. Thank you, sir.

Prateek Singh VLSI Design Engineer, Delhi

Mr. Ashwani Deswal is a highly PASSIONATE and ENERGETIC corporate trainer. His Expertise in mindfulness & wellness helps you to improve your overall wellbeing. With sir’s guidance, I gained confidence, clarity of mind and became more focused & productive With his corporate wellness programs, You not only enhance your focus, productivity & efficiency but also learn the art of seeing LIFE from a Different Perspective.

Sushmita Lenskart

Attending Ashwani sir’s session was really an awesome experience. Full of Positive energy and liveliness. I learnt a lot from this wellness workshop. And another great thing is that I can practice these corporate wellness tools at home also. Mr Ashwani Deswal is an amazing corporate trainer and wellness coach. The entire workshop was so much engaging, all stress gone. Trust me I would love to attend it again.

Mohit Gupta Senior Engineer, Honeywell Process Solutions

Never seen such a passionate focused corporate wellness coach. Ashwani connects well with his audience by getting on a level that everyone is comfortable by bringing “spiritual” not religious flavor into the program which does cut the difference. His tonality is therefore very relationship based which organizations need so badly in the hard wired world of technology.

Karibasappa Specialist Senior, Deloitte

Ashwani Deswal, You are doing Great work in Sharing your expertise on Personality Enhancement and Communication skills with all the needed people. You are an Excellent corporate trainer. Keep touching more lives.

Prashant Raaghav Hiring Software Engineers, Data Engineers, Canada

Ashwani is an extraordinary and exceptional creative thinker. He is a very passionate and confident corporate trainer. He is a very influential and motivational speaker. Every meeting with him leaves me pumped up and full of POSITIVE ENERGY.

Dusica Lukic Product Owner and Business Analyst

Ashwani Deswal is a winner and a can-do person! He has an impressive creative energy and ability to motivate everyone around him to do the best they can. I appreciate the passion in approach to his work & deeply respect his way of doing things.

Ajay Dinakar PLM Support Engineer, Tata Technologies

Ashwani Deswal is a delightful person whose energy is contagious. I admire his intellect and intuition. He is fun to work with and makes you feel at ease. He fine tunes his frequency to match the team’s. Ashwani Deswal is always a burst of energy.

Upmanyu Genpact

Ashwani Deswal Sir is a top-class corporate Trainer, Life coach, Mindfulness Expert & wellness coach. He is an amazing human being. My life has changed with lots of results and success. As a result of his Corporate Training & corporate wellness program, I have been promoted to handle international clients. I am succeeding progressively all thanks to sir.

Ramesh Bansal Manager, Textile firm

Corporate wellness training sessions with Ashwani Deswal sir have brought a huge shift in my life. I released huge guilt of the past. Now I feel light, relaxed & happy. Regularly having sessions has restored health and balance in life. Also, I am now more dedicated towards work and have improved my efficiency and productivity. He is doing great work empowering others to live a more qualitative life.

Pranay Kaul Oracle Finance

Corporate wellness training sessions with Ashwani Deswal sir are very unique. These sessions are thrilling, absolutely thrilling! When we were meditating, I could feel the vibrations coming in. I felt energized and recharged. It is an amazing experience. I really loved it. Every wellness workshop by Ashwani Sir is extremely valuable and energizing.

Life Coaching
Rohan Sharma Encode Net Ventures, France

I had a Great Energizing session with Mr Ashwani. The session was very powerful. I wanted to listen to him more and more as it gave me a sense of Enlightenment. I felt very POSITIVE and Gained CLARITY. He had an immediate impact from the very first moment

Divesh Rana Professional Golfer

Ashwani Deswal Sir's training style is completely UNIQUE. I have not seen anybody teaching like this. After sessions with sir, I can speak CONFIDENTLY with anyone & I am able to set my GOALS right. He has taught me how to keep the MOTIVATION alive.

Vijul Bhalla Cisco Meraki, United Kingdom

Ashwani sir’s sessions give you great tools on how to tackle difficult situations in life. He is the best life coach out there. His positive energy is instantly uplifting! Wellness tools & resources have been very effective. They helped me gain clarity & stay focused.

Nancy Nain Assistant Professor, Architecture

Ashwani Deswal has truly taught me the essence of Life. I have learnt how beautiful life is & how a Smile can create wonders in anyone’s life. He is the best life coach ever. Words are less to describe how encouraging he is. I thank God that I met such a pure soul in my life.

Vaishali Baliyaan Dentist

Ashwani Sir is very mature, alive & energetic. The way he explains giving real life examples is exceptional. I gained clarity & felt very positive & relaxed, happy & confident. I learnt a lot of powerful practical tools from him. With each session he made me become better & better in every way. He empowered me to see my life events differently & face challenges with ease. .

Shivani Yadav Dentist

The best part with Ashwani is ,he makes you the solution. He is always there to guide and make you understand each and every aspect of life in the most simplified and joyful ways. With the tools I learnt in his sessions and workshops I am living life with more clarity, confidence and success

After attending Ashwani sir’s session the impact wasn’t just to mind but also in my life. All I learned became a part of my life.  I gained clarity on what I want to do in life. I feel 360 change in me. If you want then you must  attend the session and you will experience your mental growth, physical growth, spiritual growth and also professional growth. Thank you 

Shivapriya Upadhyay

Actress & Model

The session was like a Blessing to me. It was so Enticing, so enriching. He gave me various insights into my life, things which I did not know on my own.

Whatever he told me was so VALUABLE. I think I will CHERISH it throughout my Life. He is the best life coach & corporate trainer in India.

Ipsa Arora

Founder, Brandedgupshup

In life I had lots of depression and anger towards many things. After meeting Ashwani sir I feel that life has turned 360 degrees. Now I stay very happy. I feel very nice. I feel as if I am living a NEW life.

Thank You so much. I am very happy. I want to say lots of Thanks to you sir. Ashwani sir is a great personality. He is The BEST


Home Maker

Life Coach Certification
Tanuja Kanade Life Coach

Ashwani Sir’s inspiring persona and most importantly non-judgmental respectful approach towards clients sets him apart from a myriad of professionals. His passion towards his work is a legacy which I certainly aspire to carry forward.

Aditya Sarao Life Coach

With his tools, wisdom and coaching I am having great breakthroughs with my clients and empowering thousands of lives around the world. The remarkable business module helped me kickstart my practice and I am thriving. I opened my own company and working with a team.

Aheesha Chopra Psychologist

Live sessions with Sir have given me the confidence to move ahead in life. I have learnt a lot, not just about life coaching or therapy but also about improving myself. Ashwani Sir shared how to implement the various tools and mold them according to situations & clients.

Rituja Kaur Life Coach

This course has given me a new perspective on life. The insights that I have got from the course are so valuable and the confidence that was lacking in me earlier is no longer an issue. My energy levels have found new sky to reach. My whole personality has been transformed.

Tanya Life Coach

It was insightful, learned things that gave ultimate clarity and direction. I like how analytically and logically he puts down things. Whatever tools and wisdom he shares are very practical and reality-based.

Remita Life Coach

What I really loved about this course is the emphasis it always had on evolving self. I got to know my own limiting beliefs and patterns in life to make my life better in every way. There is so much that I learnt about the people, their beliefs, their behaviour.

This course is designed in a very comprehensive and subtle manner which provides all the tools required to become a great life coach. Plus, the practical exposure with the client sets this course apart from others.

Prerna Verma

Life Coach

The tools and techniques that I was introduced to not only help me to have a better understanding of the clients and the issues they are facing but also helped me to have a better perspective towards my problems. Sir also shared the common mistakes that coaches do and the ways to avoid them which I found very helpful.


Life Coach

Sir shared real life scenarios which were very powerful. This course has changed my life, given me deeper perspective, depth and confidence as a life coach. Ashwani Sir is the most genuine person I know, so eager for all of us to grow and succeed.

Prerna Singh

Life Coach

Ujwala Guntewar Psychologist

The first session with Ashwani Sir itself was so full of energy. It was a great feeling, a power pack beginning. I became inspired to become a better individual so that I can justify my role as a psychologist. He is a great life coach. He is damn good at his work. He is someone who can make his audience enjoy and concentrate throughout the session no matter how long it is.

Divya Ganesan Psychologist

Training with Ashwani Sir has been quite interactive and empowering. During the sessions, I could feel relaxed without having any anxious thoughts. There was a sense of satisfaction at the end. The thought of being realistic and the power of listening has hit me positively. Ashwani Sir is a very energetic and realistic leader. He is a very experienced life coach.

Archna Lakra Counsellor

Before training sessions, I was feeling stuck. After attending the sessions, now things really seem to open up. The sessions help in ones growth & expansion. They also improve overall wellbeing in life. In the first session itself, he made us comfortable and lowered our barriers. I experienced a positive shift in my energy. I feel happy to have chosen to take this training.

Manika Kadyan Psychologist

I feel Energetic with every session with Ashwani Sir. He is the ebst life coach for a reason. I feel very positive and motivated, He is full of positivity and zeal. He shares great practical tools and wisdom which is helping me professionally and personally. He is an awesome mindfulness trainer. As a trainee, I am learning a lot from him.

Salini Govada Psychologist

Everything during the training was wonderful and I am all up for listening to sir forever because he is so captivating. The examples and analogies he gives are thought-provoking. He has great charisma and a knack in the way he gives us guidance. And he is someone who can cheer us up in a second.

Shruti Mittal Art therapist

The training is unique, practical & very helpful. It motivates me to be better at my profession. I think Ashwani Deswal sir speaks with a lot of experience and wisdom. He is a really good wellness coach and corporate trainer. He keeps us engaged & focused. He makes his point with real-life examples. It is very experiential training.

Vinitha V Counsellor

I felt Energetic, excited & happy during the training. I feel energized as soon as the session starts. Ashwani sir is the best wellness coach & mindfulness expert in India.Whatever I have learnt in the training is helping me in my life. The training gave me a sense of direction, purpose, and responsibility to live it fully. Even though I had group sessions, they felt like 1-on-1.

Prajna Dutta Psychologist

I felt very positive, fresh & mentally free during the sessions. It’s really a golden opportunity for counsellors and therapists to get training. Interaction with Sir gave me hope that I can create results. It uncovered my own areas of improvement and the root cause of challenges in life. Ashwani sir is a positive person and very truthful towards his work.

Shreya Nayak Clinical Psychologist

Training with Mr. Ashwani Deswal has been very positive and engaging. I came out empowered. I experienced the power of introspection. Sir shared various mindfulness & wellness tools which helped in my growth both personally & professionally. He consciously addressed small things we miss out in life.

Kanupriya Rawat Counsellor

Training with Ashwani Sir has been energetic, realistic, joyful and very helpful. I always feel energized during and after the session. He is a great Life coach & corporate trainer. He has expertise in Mindfulness & wellness. Sessions with him have taken my attention & awareness on me, the areas I can work on to grow and expand. The thought of “do it first yourself then you can recommend it to others” is helping me evolve as a professional therapist.

Dr Siddique Physician

Training with Ashwani Deswal Sir has motivated me to be energy conscious. It has been a great experience learning from such an experienced life coach. Sessions with him are filled with enjoyment, motivation & wisdom. The sessions were on what & how I can do for myself and for others. Ashwani Sir is a dedicated person sharing tools for a healthy body and Mind. He worships his work which is very rare nowadays.

Meghana Psychotherapist

I feel good, positive energy and vibes in all the sessions of Ashwani Deswal Sir. He is a very knowledgeable wellness coach who radiates positive energy all the time. I have learnt about awareness of emotions and thoughts and practical application of them in our lives. Thank you very much for teaching me tools to create well-being in my life and in the lives of my clients.

Claudia Counsellor

I really felt good after the first session itself. The session had a good atmosphere. I felt more confident and motivated after the session. Ashwani Deswal is a great Life coach. I especially felt better on the energy level. I like Ashwani sir’s way of training, he is very practical and reality-based. His Training reflects his experience. It is great to learn from the best wellness coach & mindfulness expert.

Prakriti Gandikota Psychologist

After attending sessions I feel Energized to do and learn more. Sessions were productive. Ashwani Sir is knowledgeable and knows how to impart that with clarity and simplicity. He is very positive and is able to connect very well without judgement. He keeps everyone engaged and makes training enjoyable with humour and meaningful activities.

Roshni Biswas Psychologist

The sessions gave new meaning to my perspective towards life. Training has been supportive to know about our standpoint as a therapist right now. I got to know about different issues that might happen before or during a session and how I can take care of those. Various practical and powerful tools and resources were shared which helped me create wellness in my life & in lives of my clients.

Mr. Ashwani Deswal helped me gain insights on what NO books can teach me in a million years. A very real coach. I am glad I enrolled and enhanced both personal and professional consciousness. I felt energized after the very first session itself. I felt like I gained so much and a lot of realization came to conscience. Gaining more clarity on the concept of self and that of being responsible for other lives has deepened my approach towards the profession.

Shalini TS


Ashwani Sir is a very motivating and inspiring life coach. He is a gem of a person. He is doing a great job in training. He is an intelligent and quick -witted person. Believes in delivering. I am having a great experience of training from him.  All webinars have been interesting, interacting and great value addition. I feel rejuvenated. Physically, l feel more healthy. Mentally soothing and more energetic. I highly recommend him. Thank you.

Rupneet Sandhu

Clinical Psychologist