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His extensive experience in the field has given him a deep understanding of what works with people and how to effectively communicate his message.

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Elevate Your Virtual Event with Ashwani Deswal's Interactive Keynote

As we continue to navigate through a virtual environment, keynote speaking for virtual events has become increasingly important. Ashwani Deswal is a master at creating engaging and interactive virtual keynote experiences. Having created and taught courses to over a million students online, Ashwani understands the unique challenges and opportunities that come with virtual speaking.

With his extensive experience and understanding of virtual learning, Ashwani knows how to create a surprising and entertaining virtual keynote experience that will leave your audience feeling inspired and motivated. His ability to connect with his audience and deliver valuable insights and strategies in an engaging and interactive way, ensures that your virtual event will be a success. Whether you’re looking to improve emotional wellness, overall wellbeing, or personal development, Ashwani is the perfect keynote speaker for your virtual event.

Why should you book Ashwani Deswal for your next event:

Mastery in wellness & leadership

Ashwani Deswal is an expert in the areas of emotional wellness, overall wellbeing, Leadership, personal development and lifestyle upgradation. His extensive knowledge and experience in these areas can provide valuable insights and strategies to your audience.

Customized Presentations

Ashwani is able to tailor his presentations to the specific audience and theme of the event, ensuring that his message aligns with the goals of your event.

13+ Years of Experience

Ashwani Deswal has over 13 years of experience as a life and wellness coach, working with global leaders on a 1-on-1 basis. He has touched the lives of thousands of individuals from more than 120 countries and has the ability to connect with his audience and inspire them to take action towards their goals

Flexible Pricing

Ashwani's speaking fee is tailored to fit the unique needs of your event, taking into consideration factors such as topic, audience size, mode and location.

Inspiring and Impactful

Ashwani's keynote speech is engaging, interactive and can leave a lasting impact on the audience. He has the ability to connect with his audience and inspire them to take action towards their goals.

On the stage or virtually, Ashwani Deswal's message is equally inspiring, energetic and actionable.

Ashwani Deswal is a dynamic and inspirational speaker who is highly sought after in India and around the world. He has extensive experience in the fields of life coaching, corporate wellness, mindfulness, and personal development, and has helped thousands of individuals and organizations achieve their goals and improve their lives.

As an expert in yoga, leadership, NLP, emotional intelligence, and other self-development modalities, Ashwani has a deep understanding of what it takes to achieve success and happiness in life. 

In his motivational speeches and life coaching sessions, Ashwani inspires his audience to take action and make positive changes in their lives. He is known for his energetic and engaging style, and for delivering practical, actionable advice that can be applied immediately.

In addition to his speaking engagements, Ashwani is also the author of two books: “Energize Your Life” and “108 Divine Seeds”. 

Overall, Ashwani Deswal is a highly influential and respected figure in the world of personal development and wellness. Through his work, he continues to inspire and empower people around the world to achieve their full potential and lead happier, more fulfilling lives.


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"Inviting Ashwani Deswal as our keynote speaker was truly an eye-opening experience. His energetic and inspiring delivery left a lasting impact on our team. Ashwani's message was thought-provoking and actionable, and it has inspired us to make positive changes in both our personal and professional lives. We highly recommend Ashwani to any organization looking to invigorate their team and drive success."

Vivek Director, software company

"Ashwani Deswal's keynote speech was a game-changer for our company. His energy and passion were contagious, and his message was both thought-provoking and inspiring. Our team was motivated to tackle challenges with renewed focus and determination, and the positive impact of Ashwani's talk has continued to be felt long after the event. We cannot recommend him enough as a speaker for any organization looking to drive growth and success."

Shalini CEO , Consultancy firm

"Ashwani Deswal's keynote speech was a highlight of our conference. He brought laughter, energy, and practical tools to the stage, leaving our audience inspired and motivated. His wisdom and insights were invaluable, and the impact of his talk has been long-lasting. We are grateful for the opportunity to have Ashwani as our speaker and highly recommend him for any organization looking for an energizing and impactful experience."

Rahul HR head, IT firm

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Ashwani Deswal is a self mastery coach, mindfulness coach, and wellness coach with extensive experience in the areas of wellbeing, mindfulness, and personal and professional development. He has tailored his presentations to a variety of audiences and events in the past and is able to customize his message to meet the specific needs of your audience.

Ashwani's speaking fee is flexible and depends on the specific details of the event such as the topic, audience size, mode and location of the event. Additional costs, if any, will also be discussed and agreed upon in advance.

Ashwani is able to tailor his presentation to the specific audience and theme of the event, by aligning his talk with your event's goal.

Ashwani has standard Audio/Visual requirements and will work with the event organizer to ensure that all necessary equipment is provided and set up before his presentation.

Ashwani does not have any special accommodations or needs, however, we will work with the event organizer to ensure that all of his needs are met during the event.

Ashwani is available to stay for the duration of the event if required, or just for the keynote speech, as per your need.

Ashwani's keynote speech is usually of 1 hour, but can be adjusted as per the requirement of the event.

Ashwani Deswal is a master of emotional wellness and overall wellbeing. He can speak on various topics such as how to cultivate mindfulness, how to achieve success in both personal and professional life, how to upgrade one's lifestyle, and how to achieve personal development goals. He is a self-mastery coach, mindfulness coach, and wellness coach, who is able to provide actionable insights and strategies to help individuals and organizations achieve their desired outcomes. With his knowledge and experience, Ashwani can inspire and guide your audience on their journey to emotional wellness and overall wellbeing.

While we understand the value in having a recording of the keynote speech, we prefer to keep the experience live and fresh for the audience. When people know that no recording will be made, they are more alert and fully present, which allows them to receive more from the experience. Therefore, we do not offer recordings of Ashwani’s keynote speeches.

Ashwani will provide a detailed outline of the topics he plans to cover during his keynote speech, and how they align with the theme and goals of your event, so that you can have a clear understanding of what to expect.

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