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He is an author & self-mastery coach who helps individuals & organizations to create health, happiness & success (overall well-being) in their personal & professional lives.

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Ashwani Deswal Best life coach

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Ashwani Deswal Best wellness coach

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Create health, happiness & Success ( overall wellbeing) in your life with proven strategies tailored to your unique needs, unlock the secrets to a thriving personal and professional life. This is NOT something that we just made up in one day, and hoped it would work, Ashwani has spent OVER 15 years in testing and mastering these modalities , frameworks & tools. Now it is time you gain access to all of them!

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Ashwani Deswal

After working with thousands of working professionals he has proven track record of client success.

Ashwani Deswal is the best life coach, wellness coach & mindfulness coach in India.

He is a self-mastery coach, Author of  ‘108 Divine Seeds’ and ‘Energize Your Life’ and has expertise in Yoga, Meditation, Nutrition, Wellness, Emotional Intelligence (EQ), Leadership development skills and Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP).

He has served 100,000+ people from more than 120 countries and empowered them to create the results and changes they want in their personal and professional lives.

He has rich experience in the line of Life Coaching, Corporate Training, Wellness, Mindfulness & Leadership Development Training using which he helps people to bring a wholistic transformation in their lives. Being a Mindfulness coach, he uses various modalities to restore harmony & balance in people’s lives & empowers them to create health, happiness & success (Overall well-being).

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*Every individual and situation is unique so you should use proper discretion, in consultation with a health care practitioner before undertaking any of the recommendations, protocols, techniques, exercises described herein.

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World class corporate training ,mindfulness & corporate wellness programs by Ashwani Deswal



Life Coaching with an expert life coach is a structured process of figuring out who you are and what you want, what obstacles have been holding you back, learning what to do to overcome them, taking positive actions to create the result you want in your life.

Ashwani Deswal is considered to the best life coach in India. He has personally coached leaders across the globe and gained that expertise to transform lives.

Every type of individual can take life coaching. The only common traits these people have is the desire to transform their lives so they are happier and living live 100%.

1-on-1 Life coaching with Ashwani Deswal would empower you to have that clarity you need and build a roadmap to your desired goals & dreams. Connect with the best life coach in India today.

One of the most common misconceptions about life coaching is that it is therapy/counselling in disguise — or that it is therapy from an unlicensed practitioner. In reality, life coaching is truly its own unique service designed to help ambitious achievers meet the outcomes that will bring them success and fulfilment, in any and all areas of life.

The idea behind counselling is to focus on past traumas and issues to change self-destructive habits, repair and improve relationships and work through painful feelings. In this sense, counselling focuses on the past and on introspection and analysis, with the hope of resolving past issues and creating a better future.

In life coaching, a client works with a coach, who is not a healthcare professional, in order to clarify goals and identify obstacles and problematic behaviours in order to create action plans to achieve desired results. A life coach enables the person receiving treatment to take charge of their life and take action to steer it toward their goals.

Life coaching is about looking at where you are now and where you want to be in each area of your life. You need a life coach to help you explore and set goals in these areas as well as help you achieve them..

A good Life coach is an expert in follow-through. He understands human behaviour and why it is so hard. He knows exactly how to help you work through it. Getting started on goals, staying motivated, dealing with outer and inner challenges such as fear of failure that get in the way of you reaching your goals are where a life coach helps.

A life coach can help you clear your head and take the big decisions of your life, to help you see a solution when you can't' see by yourself.

A great Life coach also improves confidence and self-esteem, empower you to increase life satisfaction and happiness levels, lowers stress levels and have a more balanced life. This increases energy, productivity, brings passion and focus to all of your future endeavors and relationships.

There are so many of us that just don’t have the resources or understanding that we need to live a healthful & mindful life. That’s where a mindfulness coach comes in. Most of us have a doctor and some of us might even see a nutritionist/dietician. A mindfulness coach does not replace either of these, instead, he serves as an incredibly valuable supplement to these.

Ashwani Deswal is the best mindfulness coach, he uses various modalities to restore and health & balance in your life. One of the biggest benefits to consulting a mindfulness coach is accountability; sometimes the biggest challenge standing between a person and their goal(s) is their inability to commit to their own progress. Your mindfulness coach will always be on ”Team You” even when you aren’t.

Our relationship coach certification course is aimed for life coaches, counsellors and therapists who want to help self & their clients transform their relationships.
It is also for anyone who wants to know the various fundamentals of human behavior and laws of relationship that result in relationships full of love, happiness and fulfillment.

Life Mastery begins with Self Mastery. Ashwani Deswal, known to be one of the best wellness coaches, has shared valuable products under Self Mastery Kit. Self Mastery Kit contains guided meditation, online courses and ebooks that would help you create overall wellbeing in life.

Mindfulness is right for anyone who would like to feel more in control of their thoughts, rather than their thoughts controlling them.

Being mindful can help us to take a mental step back from the negative automatic thoughts that can crowd our minds, hinder our self-esteem or affect our relationships with those around us. It won’t make your problems go away, but it can give you the ability to see past them and gain a bit of perspective.

It’s no mystery that employers today are concerned with their employees’ health. Healthy, happy employees typically generate higher levels of productivity than unhealthy employees, and as a result, more business success. Studies show that employees are more likely to be on the job and performing well when they are in optimal health. Benefits of implementing a wellness program include Improved physical & mental health, common ailments prevention, and a healthier workforce in general. This results in higher productivity, happy work environment, greater employee and client retention, lower health care costs, lower absenteeism, greater employee engagement and higher profits.

Ashwani Deswal is the best wellness coach in India offering the result oriented effective corporate wellness solutions for your employees.

Corporate wellness programs have been praised as a powerful tool that can make employees healthier and more productive while reducing health care spending. One size doesn’t fit all and the same implies in case of employee wellness which varies on factors like workforce size, work environment, and work schedule.

Ashwani Deswal is an experienced corporate trainer with expertise in various corporate training workshops and wellness programs. Corporate wellness programs by Mr Ashwani Deswal are customized according to an organization’s needs, size, and budget. A long term approach yields more promising results for any corporate wellness program to work.

A Corporate Wellness Coach is a health coach who is brought into the corporate office to help employees improve their overall wellbeing.

A good corporate wellness coach can assist in lowering health-care costs and absenteeism, as well as improving performance and productivity. Helping employees become more engaged in their own health can go a long way toward improving their overall health and well-being.

Mr Ashwani Deswal is known to be the best corporate wellness coach in India. Having personally coached global leaders, CEOs, directors, entrepreneurs for more than a decade, he has vast experience in bringing holistic transformation in people’s lives.

Getting corporate leadership programs from a creative and experienced corporate trainer would help any organization to upgrade its workforce. Major benefits of a personalized corporate leadership training program are:

1. Healthier client relationships

2. Increase in Sales and profits

3. Developing leadership qualities

4. Better teamwork

5. Higher employee retention

Corporate trainers are seen as strategic partners who are important to the success of a business.

No, you do not need any licence to practice life coaching. Which is why quality training becomes extremely important for your success as a life coach. Life coach certification with Ashwani Deswal  provides you with all the skills and knowledge you need to become a life coach. It also gets you the practical exposure you need. It is the best online life coach certification course in the world.

Students who complete life coach certification programmes are prepared to work as certified life coaches, assisting clients in finding clarity and direction in their lives. Top programmes also cover all aspects of life coaching, teach students valuable skills, allow students to practise skills, and provide students with feedback from other professionals. If you want to start a life coaching business, work as a life coach, or improve your skills in your current job, a life coach certification is a good option.

Life coach certification offered by Ashwani Deswal is the most qualitative, intensive and valuable online course available. It empowers you to understand fundamentals of human psychology, how we perceive the world and practical tools to create the life we want. it is based on the core coaching competencies. You would be able to transform your life and life of others around you.