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I had a Great Energizing session with Mr Ashwani. The session was very powerful. I wanted to listen to him more and more as it gave me a sense of Enlightenment. He is a great Life coach. I felt very POSITIVE and Gained CLARITY. He had an immediate impact from the very first moment

Rohan Sharma

Encode Net Ventures, France

Before meeting Ashwani sir I was very low, I was into depression. I completely gave up on my life. Life Coaching sessions with Sir broke my limitations and brought clarity of mind. I gained positivity. I am a HAPPY soul now. I am very confident, relaxed. His sessions are truly life transforming.

Drishti Singh

Lovely Professional University

The session was like a Blessing to me. It was so Enticing, so enriching. He gave me various insights into my life, things which I did not know on my own. Whatever he told me was so VALUABLE. I think I will CHERISH it throughout my Life. He is the best life coach & corporate trainer in India.

Ipsa Arora

Founder, Brandedgupshup


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Your Life


Lives Transformed

In these sessions, you will discover-



Emotions of Negativity


Anger, Frustration, Fear


Shyness, Introversion


Mood Swings


Stress & Anxiety


Similar lower vibrations



Confident Personality


Clarity & Focus


Good Health


Peace of Mind


Productivity & efficiency


Harmonious Relationships

Enhance these areas of life…

health and fitness

Mind and Emotions



Social life

Business/ Career

Money/ Finances

Dimension of Universe

MAXIMIZE YOUR POTENTIAL with personal coaching sessions from the best Life Coach & mindfulness expert. Overcome a variety of PSYCHOLOGICAL DISORDERS like tension, anger, anxiety, stress, depression, restlessness & compulsive behaviour.

Life-Changing Rituals

Create a lifelong healthy foundation for overall wellbeing in life.

Connect with Self

Establish a strong foundation for spiritual growth. Expand your consciousness.

Create Solutions

Solve many of the smallest to biggest problems and challenges people face on a daily basis

You need Personal Coaching if

(1-on-1 private sessions from the best Life Coach)


You are a Procrastinator


You feel lost or confused


You have stopped progressing


Limiting Beliefs are holding You Back


Your confidence is not where it should be


You have no idea how to achieve your goals


You feel unfulfilled at work or in your relationship


It is a 3 STEP PROCESS to

HEAL – Body, Mind & Emotions


We listen, feel free to express all your thoughts, emotions. We care, understand & respect you.


We help you let – go of all the unwanted thoughts, emotions, issues, events, negative patterns.


We share practical tools which are easy to use, apply & act upon to achieve health, happiness and desired goals.

Session Schedule

Sessions are scheduled as per your convinience & Counsellor’s availability. Different Time Zone Management is done effectively.

Session Duration

Sessions are usually of 60 mins. It may be extended depending upon your situation. Extra minutes are deducted from your package.

Modes of Sessions

Sessions can happen through either meeting face to face or having online video call via skype or whatsapp.

Modalities used

CBT, Mindfulness, yog based, Positive Psychology, Psychodynamic, Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) ,  & other deeper approach

How to Register

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Once you make the payment, you would be directed to a page where you can select the date and time of the session as per your convenience.

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Life Coaching with Ashwani Deswal

Begin your journey with the best life coach in India.




No. of Sessions – 1

VALIDITY – 14 Days

Total Duration – 45 mins

Mode – Zoom Video

Earlier I used to have anger issues and I was not happy with myself. But after taking sessions from Ashwani Deswal, a great Life coach, I feel happy and I am healthier than before.

I feel he has excellent skills in identifying the issues and providing simple routine changes which give maximum impact. The corporate wellness tools shared are very effective.

Akanksha Purohit

IT Manager @ Accenture, Germany

Corporate wellness training sessions with Ashwani Deswal sir have brought a huge shift in my life. Now I feel light, relaxed & happy. Regularly having sessions has restored health and balance in life.

I am now more dedicated towards work and have improved my efficiency and productivity. Ashwani Deswal is a great corporate trainer and Life coach. He is doing great work empowering others to live a more qualitative life.

Ramesh Bansal

Manager, Textile firm

I got in touch with him when I lost hope in life. And since the first session, I felt comfortable to share and ask all I wanted to and he always listened with patience and coached me to create the changes and results in my life. He is the best Corporate trainer you would come across.

He helped me to rise – to stand once again in my life. He is a great life coach and mindfulness expert. Thank you so much for empowering me.

Nomita Kapoor

Data Profiling lead , Accenture

By taking sessions from Ashwani Sir and attending his workshops, I have gained clarity in life. I am very grateful to sir, he made me feel UNIQUE. He is an amazing Life coach.

Geetansh Gandhi


Ashwani Sir is a great life coach. My thought process improved which earlier was zero and I feel 360 degrees change in me. I am more confident and efficient. I gained clarity of mind.

Shivapriya Upadhyay

Actress & Model

I feel Positive and Confident than ever before. Now I can express well in meetings & presentations. Ashwani Deswal Sir is the best Life coach. The wellness sessions empowered me to gain peace of mind & energize self.

Kapil Parmar

Team Lead, Sopra Steria

He made me realize my hidden capabilities and the ability to do everything in the world. He is the best Wellness Coach & Corporate trainer you would meet. He has changed the way I see life. The wellness & Mindfulness tools and wisdom shared has transformed my life.

His way of training is very unique.
Life Coaching sessions with Sir broke my limitations and brought clarity of mind. Now I am pretty much confident about facing the world and living my life to the best. Thank You sir, you are an amazing life coach.

Mansi Manchanda

Asst. Manager, American Express

Ashwani is a wonderful Life Coach & Corporate Trainer. I have had an amazing journey so far with him. His commitment is commendable. He is amazing as a person, understands your issues and tries to resolve them by getting to the root cause. He is very patient and a good listener.

After taking his sessions, I felt a sense of calmness within me and I cannot explain the confidence I gained through out the process. He definitely helps you change the way you see and perceive things which have helped me deal with various situations better.

Manasa Nagaraj

Quality Assurance Tester, Amazon

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know I have the right life coach?
Ashwani Deswal is one of the finest Life coaches in the world. During your introductory session, you will be able to determine if you and your life coach have the right synergy. You can take a decision on the basis of that.
What goals do Life coaches work on- personal or professional?
Either or both. Depending on the types of life coaches you seek out, you may work with one to improve your business, start a new entrepreneurial endeavor, improve your health through diet and exercise or improve your relationships with loved ones. In many cases, a life coach will help you in multiple areas of life as they are all connected to your ultimate well-being.
This is my first life coaching session. Do I need to be prepared with something?

No, there isn’t any formal preparation required. Be comfortable and feel free to express yourself.

How long is a session?

Consultation session is typically 45 mins. 

If I’m already successful, would I still benefit from a life coach?
Life coaching is meant to help a wide variety of people – including those who are already running successful businesses, are healthy or who have thriving relationships. Life coaches know there is always more that their clients can achieve and enjoy working with those in all stages of their lives.
If I start coaching, will I need to work with my coach for the rest of my life? How long will I need to commit to working with a life coach?
We recommend you stay in the program for at least one month. This will allow you to build trust with your coach and develop effective strategies for you to achieve your goals.

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About Ashwani Deswal

Ashwani Deswal is the best Life coach & corporate trainer in India. He is an author, Wellness Coach & Mindfulness Expert. He has served 100,000+ people from more than 112 countries and empowered them to create the results and changes they want in their personal and professional lives.

He has rich experience in the line of Life Coaching, Corporate Training, Wellness, Mindfulness & Leadership Development Training using which he helps people to bring a wholistic transformation in their lives. Being a Mindfulness coach, he uses various modalities to restore harmony & balance in people's lives & empowers them to create health, happiness & success (Overall well-being).

How does Life Coaching work?
Life Coaching with an expert life coach is a structured process of figuring out who you are and what you want, what obstacles have been holding you back, learning what to do to overcome them, taking positive actions to create the result you want in your life. Take Life coaching/ performance coaching from the best Life coach & corporate trainer in India - Ashwani Deswal
How is Personal Life Coaching different from counselling?
One of the most common misconceptions about life coaching is that it is therapy/counselling in disguise — or that it is therapy from an unlicensed practitioner. In reality, life coaching is truly its own unique service designed to help ambitious achievers meet the outcomes that will bring them success and fulfilment, in any and all areas of life.

The idea behind counselling is to focus on past traumas and issues to change self-destructive habits, repair and improve relationships and work through painful feelings. In this sense, counselling focuses on the past and on introspection and analysis, with the hope of resolving past issues and creating a better future.

In life coaching, a client works with a coach, who is not a healthcare professional, in order to clarify goals and identify obstacles and problematic behaviours in order to create action plans to achieve desired results. A life coach enables the person receiving treatment to take charge of their life and take action to steer it toward their goals.

What sorts of people have a Personal Life Coach?
Every type of individual can take life coaching. The only common traits these people have is the desire to transform their lives so they are happier and living live 100%
How to find the best Life Coach?
You would need to do your research. Quora is a good platform to see what other people think and know. What you are looking for is already asked by someone there and experts have answered. The best performance coaching is provided by one of the top Life coaches- Ashwani Deswal. Ashwani Deswal & his team can provide you with the tools and wisdom to transform self and create success and wellness in your life
Why do you need a life coach?

Life coaching is about looking at where you are now and where you want to be in each area of your life. You need a life coach to help you explore and set goals in these areas as well as help you achieve them..

A good Life coach is an expert in follow-through. He understands human behaviour and why it is so hard. He knows exactly how to help you work through it. Getting started on goals, staying motivated, dealing with outer and inner challenges such as fear of failure that get in the way of you reaching your goals are where a life coach helps.

A life coach can help you clear your head and take the big decisions of your life, to help you see a solution when you can't' see by yourself.

A great Life coach also improves confidence and self-esteem, empower you to increase life satisfaction and happiness levels, lowers stress levels and have a more balanced life. This increases energy, productivity, brings passion and focus to all of your future endeavours and relationships.


How many Life Coaching sessions will I need?
This depends on what you want to achieve with your coaching. Most people come to a Personal Coach with a life-changing goal in mind. It is best to take 1 session first in which you uncover where you are and where you want to be. You Life coach would suggest the number of sessions you should take. It is a very personal decision based on your individual goal.

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Every individual and situation is unique so you should use proper discretion, in consultation with a health care practitioner before undertaking any of the recommendations, protocols, techniques, exercises described herein. Voyage to the betterment and the author expressly disclaims responsibility for any adverse effects that may result from the use or application of the information contained herein. We are not a medical service or suicide prevention helpline. If you are feeling suicidal, we would suggest you immediately call up a suicide prevention helpline or seek medical help.


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