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When do we need a Wellness Coach?

Who is a Wellness coach?

A professional who assesses their client’s current physical, mental, and emotional state, and helps them set and achieve goals in their overall wellness and health.  

So how is a wellness coach different from a personal trainer and a physician? The major difference is, a personal trainer focuses solely on physical fitness, ignoring the most crucial components of health which are emotional wellbeing and mental peace. Likewise, a physician tends to focus on the physical aspect, neglecting to counsel their patients in terms of overall wellbeing. Their advice falls on deaf ears, and desirable outcomes are not achieved, expectations are not met.  

Whereas wellness coaches are more comprehensive and they have a wholesome strategy for overall wellbeing, that is why they are wellness coaches. They cover all dimensions of health and wellbeing be it emotional, mental, and physical.  This may be in terms of physical health (exercise, nutrition intake, sleep hygiene, etc.), mental health (stress coping, bringing a balance, positive mind-set, nourishing relationships, being peaceful and happy).

What do they do?

Wellness coaches have a holistic approach for their clients.  They will work with the individual’s strengths and values; they will show a way of development of self. They will push individuals to tap their potential. They will not just counsel and guide but they will empower and inspire. They will make you stay on track as you make your lifestyle changes. 

We have our own data set when it comes to dietary preferences, habits that should be nurtured and those which should be dropped, how to deal with work stress, how to manage ourselves so that we can utilize precious stock of 24 hours in a day. We may look for solutions and guidance here and there, but a wellness coach provides tailored tools and techniques after assessing you which will work for you in the best possible way.  

A wellness coach will guide you but you need to walk your path. If one is not willing enough to change his/her current circumstances, all the efforts will go in vain. There should be a desire from within only then you can change and experience wholesome wellbeing. So, the achievement of goals will be a collaborative process.

Do you need a Wellness coach?

We all know somewhere deep in our hearts that we can do better. And along with this we also know that we fail to do better. Your health may not the way you want it to be, some of you may not be physically fit, some of are living on tons of medications due to underlying diseases, some of us neglect our health just because we could not spare time from it, and others, majority of them suffer from stress and tension which deteriorates our health and wellbeing.

When do you need it?

We all know this but what do we do about it? There are two types of people. The first type, they will ignore and neglect their wellbeing right away, the second type, they are willing to change themselves.  And if they do something about it, does everyone succeed in achieving their goals? So along with desire one needs guidance. Here comes a wellness coach to your rescue. they will expedite the process and a wellness coach will increase the likelihood that you will succeed. You will grow and go much farther where you started from. 

People have this misconception in their minds that wellness coaches are exclusively for rich people. But you must understand is all the successful people on the planet have guidance, they have a wellness coach. Initially, they might have started alone but to achieve overall wellbeing and quality of life they always have a coach alongside them. So, if you want to open new dimensions of full possibility within you and for you, this is the best you can invest in yourselves.

What can a wellness coach do for you?

Different people have different needs. A coach will help you, facilitate you to bring in required changes through invigorating coaching sessions. They are experts in their fields and they will bring their knowledge, expertise, and experience to be in line with your goal. They will help you channelize your energies the way they need to be.  

Everything will not be entangled like before; you will gain much more clarity, develop more focus along with resilience.  You will feel more energetic, more active, healthier, and of course peaceful and joyous.   

Along with this, they will access your performance, will devise certain changes if they feel so, and give you an honest view of your performance.  

This all you could not have done by yourself, without an expert’s guide.

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About Ashwani Deswal

Ashwani Deswal is the best Life coach & corporate trainer in India. He is an author, Wellness Coach & Mindfulness Expert. He has served 100,000+ people from more than 112 countries and empowered them to create the results and changes they want in their personal and professional lives.

He has rich experience in the line of Life Coaching, Corporate Training, Wellness, Mindfulness & Leadership Development Training using which he helps people to bring a wholistic transformation in their lives. Being a Mindfulness coach, he uses various modalities to restore harmony & balance in people's lives & empowers them to create health, happiness & success (Overall well-being).

Is Corporate Training Effective?

This depends on the expertise of corporate trainer that whether the corporate training imparted by him will be effective. To make corporate training effective a proper diagnosis and analysis of the needs and level of the audience must be done. Ashwani Deswal and his team first understand your requirements and then conducts an orientation workshop which further explores the need of an organization. Then a customized training plan is made and executed. 

Effectiveness also depends on the execution where the experience and expertise of the corporate trainer come into play. Ashwani Deswal is the best corporate trainer in India. He is creative and keeps the audience engaged throughout the training and ensures each session adds great value to the audience.

What are the benefits of corporate training?

Getting corporate training programs from a creative and experienced corporate trainer would help any organization to upgrade its workforce. Major benefits of a personalized corporate training program are:

1. Healthier client relationships

2. Increase in Sales and profits

3. Developing leadership qualities 

4. Better teamwork

5. Higher employee retention

Corporate trainers are seen as strategic partners who are important to the success of a business.

Why is corporate training important for a business?

Behind a successful organization, there is always a winning team of employees working together for the good of the company harmoniously. Sometimes it takes much more than just employing their skills and hoping that somehow they will figure out how to work things out together as a team for the betterment of the organization. Corporate training and corporate wellness programs can go a long way in bringing out the very best in the employees. Corporate training programs are the ideal way to prepare employees with sufficient abilities to produce quality work. That is how any company can truly grow, increase productivity, the quality of their product or service and their staff as well. 

There are different facets of a development program that helps empower business. Such a training program is not limited to only product and service development but also extends to leadership skills development, public speaking and presentation skills development, Goals Setting, Time management, executive coaching, sales training programs, personality development and communication skills development. Among all, most wanted corporate training programs are management and leadership development, Client handling and sales training programs.

How to find the best corporate trainer?

You can search for linked_in profiles and see their recommendations, references and testimonials. It would help to know what other clients have to say about a trainer’s knowledge, experience and overall professionalism. Then you can connect with suitable trainer. Go for 1 session or meeting at first to experience corporate trainer's coaching style and depth. Connect with India's best corporate trainer- Ashwani Deswal for an orientation session/workshop.

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