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8 points to consider when adopting a Corporate Wellbeing Solution

Corporate wellbeing programs are being talked about and promulgated everywhere because they seem valuable and improve the reputation of the company, providing an edge over others, which has resulted in many employers putting together these wellness programs. Surely, well-being programs are an imperative tool to increase productivity, efficiency, reducing absenteeism and stress. They seem win-win for both employees as well as the employer, but are they really? Are all corporate well-being programs equally effective and successful? Can they go wrong and backfire the employer? Chances are high if they are not implemented properly. Like any other business strategy, they need to be well planned, properly drafted and well-executed otherwise all the efforts will go in vain. There are various roadblocks that can hamper the outcomes which should be dealt mindfully and consciously. 

Implementing a robust and successful wellness program requires consideration of the following points:
1 Communication is the Key

Communication is necessary at every step otherwise how will we deliver or convey what we want? Proper communication will help spread complete awareness about the programs. Until employees do not know the benefits, they will be sceptical about it and will be reluctant to join and contribute to the process.

  • Employees shouldn’t look at these tasks and goals as an extra burden apart from work but as a means to rejuvenate themselves. A proactive leader should encourage, communicate the whole process with the employees.
  • Employees should not be forced upon it, instead, they should be willing to join voluntarily and inclined towards their betterment. They should have trust in the corporate wellness solution that delivers what it says it does. Employers must remain dedicated, persistent and consistent throughout the journey.
  • Hence the wellbeing coach you choose for the program should be able to ignite interest and passion in the employees in the first session.
2. Bring Creativity & Drop dull approaches

In the name of wellness programs, various presentations are given, several incentive programs are provided, series of events are adopted, teams are divided, documents are prepared which makes them very boring and an add on compulsory task.

Here, creativity means including tools and activities that excite the employees and should be intriguing enough to make each and every one of them participate. It should be easy to understand and painless to implement and create a lively atmosphere, making them feel energetic, more zealous, full of joy and tranquillity. They should be enjoying all the activities. Also, the rewards should be creative enough to increase the participative level. Some will shy away, some will look for excuses, but let them adapt, give them some time. Don’t go too extreme, choose which is doable for the majority of the workforce, that everybody joins, enjoys, and benefits from which is easy and accessible to all without any discrimination.

3. One size doesn’t fit all

First and foremost question that comes to mind is – whether they will be successful or not? Is it suitable for all the employees? Do not follow an on- size-fits-all approach, employees are a dynamic aspect.

  • A well-being program should also be, catering to their needs in the best possible manner. They should be in line with the company’s objectives as well. Also, before implementing a program clear objectives should be there in mind. Know your employees well, what are their requirements and how the company can cater to it. 
  • One program that works for other companies may not work for you, so it’s not wise to choose what is working for others, but what is best for your company. The employer can hire some help, outsource to those who are already in the industry. 
  • It is ironic and funny that there are some wellness programs in place that punish those who fail to complete the tasks, stay away from them, they are more harm than good.
4. Know your ‘Why?’

It is always a prerequisite to everything, know why you started in the first place. Your intention should be crystal clear and free of negative bias. 

 The reason under the veil should not be different than what you are pretending above it. If it is a well-being program, it should be seen as a well-being program and nothing else. Otherwise, the whole objective will be diverted and distorted and will be reflected in terms of unsuccessful programs and same old ineffective results. Many companies take up wellness programs with the sole agenda of slashing the health cost of their employees and not because of the “true well-being of their employees”. Focus on improving the health of the employees, motivate them, taking care of them is an implicit duty of the employer, they are the assets of the organisation. Emphasis should be on the means, and not solely on the ends. A program which is sustainable should be chosen, long term effects should be given more importance over short and intimidating ones.

5. Proper and correct Feedback mechanism

There should be a channel for constant monitoring and that too without much hindrances and without bugging employees. Feedback is a nice tool for knowing whether the program is effective or not. Selecting the right kind of feedback indicator is necessary otherwise it may mislead your perspective, may give wrong information. There are various assessment methods available but should be chosen with great care, which gives you the overall picture.. Instead of looking at the accounting statements to see if profits have increased or not over a short period of time, look at the healthier and happier workforce, look how de-stressed they are, look at the smiles over their faces, look at engagement level, look at the increased camaraderie, look at the low rate of absenteeism and enhanced morale, more balanced personal and work life. These will give you the complete picture for the initial phases of the program and gradually the statement of your profits will speak for itself.

6. It is always best and wise to look out for Experts

Most of the companies ask their HR department to take this initiative creating more burden on current employees, also they may not have proper expertise in this area. They may be provided with certain kinds of training. This adds on to additional costs to the company, starting everything from the scratch. But one can choose a smart way, by outsourcing to those who are specially dedicated for corporate well-being. They will provide you proper solutions and strategies because they have the know-how of various disciplines required, know the complete process in and out, what is better and what is not, coordinating the overall structure, conducting it more smoothly and efficiently. Also, they have creative solutions, their perspective of looking at things and managing is different from internal company staff, they know how to evaluate the situations, they have their way of assessing the effectiveness. It can only be caught by the expert’s eye.

7. Wait for the fruits to ripe

Of course, work culture doesn’t change overnight, it takes time according to the size of organization, participation and engagement level of employees, support from their leaders and many other factors. It requires a certain amount of time. Do not rush, patience is a great virtue. A mango tree gives juicy mangoes only when it is nurtured properly with sufficient light, water and minerals and most importantly time. It will not give you mangoes the very day after the seed is sown. Old habits require efforts and awareness and it is the work culture we are talking about here.

8. Be flexible enough to welcome new changes

Sometimes, it may happen that your current program is not providing you with the desired outcomes even after trying hard, putting in so much resources and putting in so many efforts. They may be alienating those who require it the most. It is time to change your strategy, crafting it in a new way. There is no single recipe for it. Know why it is not working the way it should.

Keep these things in mind before planning a corporate wellbeing program for your employees. Want to consult India’s best wellness coach for corporate wellbeing solutions?

Ashwani Deswal provides customized corporate wellbeing solution for your organization. 

About Ashwani Deswal

Ashwani Deswal is the best Life coach & corporate trainer in India. He is an author, Wellness Coach & Mindfulness Expert. He has served 100,000+ people from more than 112 countries and empowered them to create the results and changes they want in their personal and professional lives.

He has rich experience in the line of Life Coaching, Corporate Training, Wellness, Mindfulness & Leadership Development Training using which he helps people to bring a wholistic transformation in their lives. Being a Mindfulness coach, he uses various modalities to restore harmony & balance in people's lives & empowers them to create health, happiness & success (Overall well-being).

Is Corporate Training Effective?

This depends on the expertise of corporate trainer that whether the corporate training imparted by him will be effective. To make corporate training effective a proper diagnosis and analysis of the needs and level of the audience must be done. Ashwani Deswal and his team first understand your requirements and then conducts an orientation workshop which further explores the need of an organization. Then a customized training plan is made and executed. 

Effectiveness also depends on the execution where the experience and expertise of the corporate trainer come into play. Ashwani Deswal is the best corporate trainer in India. He is creative and keeps the audience engaged throughout the training and ensures each session adds great value to the audience.

What are the benefits of corporate training?

Getting corporate training programs from a creative and experienced corporate trainer would help any organization to upgrade its workforce. Major benefits of a personalized corporate training program are:

1. Healthier client relationships

2. Increase in Sales and profits

3. Developing leadership qualities 

4. Better teamwork

5. Higher employee retention

Corporate trainers are seen as strategic partners who are important to the success of a business.

Why is corporate training important for a business?

Behind a successful organization, there is always a winning team of employees working together for the good of the company harmoniously. Sometimes it takes much more than just employing their skills and hoping that somehow they will figure out how to work things out together as a team for the betterment of the organization. Corporate training and corporate wellness programs can go a long way in bringing out the very best in the employees. Corporate training programs are the ideal way to prepare employees with sufficient abilities to produce quality work. That is how any company can truly grow, increase productivity, the quality of their product or service and their staff as well. 

There are different facets of a development program that helps empower business. Such a training program is not limited to only product and service development but also extends to leadership skills development, public speaking and presentation skills development, Goals Setting, Time management, executive coaching, sales training programs, personality development and communication skills development. Among all, most wanted corporate training programs are management and leadership development, Client handling and sales training programs.

How to find the best corporate trainer?

You can search for linked_in profiles and see their recommendations, references and testimonials. It would help to know what other clients have to say about a trainer’s knowledge, experience and overall professionalism. Then you can connect with suitable trainer. Go for 1 session or meeting at first to experience corporate trainer's coaching style and depth. Connect with India's best corporate trainer- Ashwani Deswal for an orientation session/workshop.

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