Public Speaking Mastery

Build your authority

Grow your influence

Learn the most powerful framework that helps you to speak confidently in the spotlight, influence your audience, become a powerful  speaker and expand your business 

Do you want to move your audience to action?

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Are you someone who is motivated to help people and bring about a positive change in their lives?

Master the Art of Public Speaking

Are you someone who wants to communicate your skills and expertise to the audience?

Communicate effectively with your audience in live sessions and virtual sessions.

How to open your speech that grabs your audience attention and intention

Know the most successful structure of speech that hooks your audience to the edge of their seats

Uncover the most powerful framework of CAPTIVATING content

Discover the secrets of body language to mesmerise your audience

Overcome the barriers of communication skills

Avoid the blunders that may fail your speech

Effective ways to close your talk that inspire audience to reflect and act in life

How to deliver your presentation that creates a positive impact

How to deliver your presentation that creates a positive impact

Effective ways to close your talk that inspire audience to reflect and act in life

How to deliver your presentation that creates a positive impact

Captivate your audience by becoming a master storyteller


Be story-teller pro

Learn frameworks and strategies that expert storytellers use.



With a robust social media brand, you can STAND OUT and use social media to reach YOUR BUSINESS GOALS

Discover how to use following platforms for your business growth











Overcome your Stage Fear and Find your voice


Make Sessions More Engaging & Empowering

As per the survey, it is found that the more engaging and empowering sessions are, the more satisfaction & sense of progress the client feels


15 Activities for Life Coach


You can use these activities during the sessions to create richer experience for your clients


These can also be used as assignments, homework for your clients


You may use them for self development & improvement

Master non-verbal communication to mesmerize your audience


Protect yourself from Negativity & be Positive

40 min Webinar:


How to make affirmations work for you and what you need to do to ensure they are effective.


How positive affirmations affect your subconscious mind and how it will ultimately build a positive and optimistic mental attitude.


Discover the powerful affirmations that you can use to manifest your desires and live the life you’ve always wanted!


Craft your Unique Story to connect deeper with your audience


54 Life Coaching Questions

Know Your Clients Better with these Powerful Questions


Self Mastery Achievers Community



Lifetime Learning & Sharing 

Perfect Community of Life Coaches who are hungry to learn & grow. 

Like Minded

Allow you to connect with other Coaches who share your desire to add value to the world.


Personal Session

30 min:

1-on-1 Session

Share Your Progress, Ask All Your doubts and queries & Get Personalized Feedback to Accelerate Your Growth 

“Here is All you would get”

1. Life Coaching Business Blueprint (60 min Workshop)

2. Life Coaching Business Blueprint ( Workbook)

3. Get Guided Traffic To Your Website (Ebook)

4. Get Guided Traffic To Your Website ( Checklist)

5. 15 Activities For Life Coach (Ebook)

6. 18 Affirmations for Life Coach ( 40 min Webinar)

7. 18 Affirmations for Life Coach ( Ebook)

8. 54 Life Coaching Questions (Ebook)

9. Self Mastery Achievers Community

10. Power of Public Speaking (60 min Webinar)

11. Personal 1-on-1 Session (30 mins)

12. Framework for your introductory script 

13. Customized email would be sent to our 50,000+ subscribers sharing your experience video (opportunity to brand yourself)

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Words from the best life coach in India

The world needs Real Life Coaches more than ever!

I am on a mission to create a new breed of Life Coaches empowering people to release their limiting beliefs and creating health, happiness and abundance.

Having coached more than 100,000 people from 112 countries for over a decade and helping them to overcome dullness, depression, stress and achieve exuberance, vitality & success in their lives, created this exclusive course,

that would add great value & resources in your journey to be an impactful life coach!

~ Ashwani Deswal

Self Mastery Coach

Life Coach & Mindfulness Coach

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