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Deep Sleep Guided Meditation

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Do you have trouble sleeping at night, or suffer from insomnia?

Do you want to experience a deeper & more qualitative sleep?

Remember, it is not the number of hours you sleep but the quality of sleep that you get in those hours that creates the health, comfort & energy in your life.  

Have a deep and restorative sleep.


This guided meditation –

  • Calms your thoughts
  • Relaxes your body & mind
  • Releases Stress & Anxiety
  • Increases positive energy
  • Helps you let go of the day
  • Results in less daytime fatigue
  • Increases productivity & efficiency
  • Improves mental clarity & memory
  • Makes you fall asleep quicker & deeper
  • Enables you to wake up fresh & energetic

Requirements: All you need is a seeking to go to deeper states of relaxation & sleep.


What all you get?


Best practices for meditation


Deep Sleep Guided meditation


Track your progress

This guided meditation acts as a powerful tool to relax your body, mind & consciousness.

It takes you to deeper states of relaxation & deep sleep.

This ancient meditation results in -

  • Enhanced Self-Awareness
  • Reduced stress, tension & anxiety
  • Increased melatonin (the sleep hormone)
  • Increased serotonin (precursor of melatonin)

Download now & enjoy the benefits.

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26 reviews for Deep Sleep Guided Meditation

  1. Pragya

    What a peaceful, deep and relaxing meditation it is ????‍♀️
    Ashwani sir you are the best coach.

    Thank you for sharing this meditation. It is helping me a lot sir.

    Thank you sir. ✨

  2. David Taylor

    Love the narration, nice deep voice ❤

  3. Braydon Pinto

    Awesome. This is helping me to stay calm and sleep deeply.

  4. Josie Walti

    This is my favorite sleep guided meditation. Loved it

  5. Ritvik Jaiswal

    It is very very effective. 10 stars! Cheers

  6. Nichole Saltzman

    Ah Nice 🙂 I used it before sleeping and woke up healthy & smiling in morning.

  7. Rajeeva

    This is perfect for me. I love it. It is soooo deep and beautiful ❤

  8. Miller Ethan

    Wonderful! Feel like doing again and again. Waiting for more meditations from you Ashwani Sir 🙂

  9. Nisha Anand

    Guys I am someone who has never done any sort of meditation before and can’t sit longer than 1 min without being bored. But I did this full 18 mins and i did not feel it was 18 minutes at all. It was very calming and relaxing. Thank you for coming up with this deep sleep meditation. ❤

  10. Maria Brown

    Supremely calming voice and meditation. Go for it guys. ????????

  11. Ritika Garg

    Wow, very positive vibes. I didn’t know i need it ????
    I had such a calming, deep sleep. I woke up very fresh in the morning.

  12. Mason Scott

    Hey, Thanks for this meditation. Was a great start to my night and hence refreshing morning 🙂 🙂

  13. Richa Sharma

    I love this meditation. I would love to have many more from you Ashwani sir. Waiting!!

  14. Geet Kaur

    Wow so awesome !
    Did not realize when I fell asleep while doing the meditation. I had a smile on my face when I woke up.

  15. Henry Long

    I had a very stressful evening and I came across “Deep Sleep guided meditation”. This meditation not only calmed me completely but helped me to have a comfortable sleep. I want to listen and experience it more each day. ????

  16. Luna Green

    Very helpful. These 18 mins with self are must for all.

  17. Jackson Roy

    It is simple, relaxing, deep, subtle and very effective. Cheers !

  18. Prayaag Kumar

    The voice touched my soul deeply. I never heard such melodic and tuned voice. I feel very nice that I took it. ✨????
    It is so relaxing.

  19. Amelia Ross

    My therapist recommended me this guided meditation and it did wonders to my sleep. Now I get up fresh and happy in morning. I feel balanced and healthy.

    I thank you Ashwani sir for this beautiful gift in just ₹999/-
    Amazing. Best work ever.

  20. Geeta Kapoor

    I feel so light and positive after doing it. It is chota packet bada dhamal 🙂 🙂
    You rock sir. Great going.

  21. Aria White

    Wow. This is really the BEST experience of my life. 🙂 It made me feel calm and positive. Whose soever will do it, would feel a great shift in his/her sleep. I must say it is very unique meditation just like it’s name “DEEP”

  22. Preeti Kapoor

    It surprisingly eased me with calm mellow state within few seconds.

  23. John Cox

    So simple and effective: thank you!

  24. Luke Flores

    It is great and sweet and does the trick! Also, you have a lovely voice! Thank you for coming up with this tranquilizing meditation!

  25. Lily Ward

    By far this is one of the best and richest experience I ever had!

    I had sleep issues for years and could not believe that after following the protocols of this meditation I could have an undisturbed and peaceful sleep. I thank you deeply.

  26. Veronika Garg

    Nice product. Looking forward to more meditations.

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About Ashwani Deswal

Ashwani Deswal is the best Life coach & corporate trainer in India. He is an author, Wellness Coach & Mindfulness Expert. He has served 100,000+ people from more than 112 countries and empowered them to create the results and changes they want in their personal and professional lives.

He has rich experience in the line of Life Coaching, Corporate Training, Wellness, Mindfulness & Leadership Development Training using which he helps people to bring a wholistic transformation in their lives. Being a Mindfulness coach, he uses various modalities to restore harmony & balance in people’s lives & empowers them to create health, happiness & success (Overall well-being).

What is a guided sleep meditation?

Guided sleep meditation is a method for helping you to let go of worrying thoughts and relax your body before bed. Regular practice of guided sleep meditation has been shown to improve sleep, meaning that this method is a great tool that you can use to help reduce problems falling and staying asleep.

Does meditation help with sleep?

Meditation may help you sleep better. As a relaxation method, it can quiet the mind and body while enhancing inner peace and harmony. Deep sleep guided meditation helps in reducing insomnia and sleep troubles by promoting overall calmness.

Is it bad to fall asleep during the meditation itself?

Falling asleep during meditation is very common. And deep sleep guided meditation by Ashwani Deswal is designed in a way so that it relaxes your body and mind completely to facilitate deep sleep. Sleeping during meditation simply means your body is trying to get what it’s lacking. So, it ok. With time, you would stay conscious more and more and a time will come you would stay conscious for entire meditation and transition into a deep sleep. 

How to make the most of this deep sleep guided meditation?

Follow the best practices document shared with the meditation. It will greatly help you in the process. Also, if you honestly fill the worksheet, it will greatly benefit and you can track your progress with it.

What are the benefits of having deep sleep?

Deep sleep is when the pituitary gland secretes important hormones which help in growth and development of the body. Glucose metabolism in the brain also increases during deep sleep, improving short-term and long-term memory and overall learning.

Other benefits of deep sleep include:

  • increasing blood supply to muscles
  • energy restoration
  • strengthening the immune system
  • cell regeneration
  • promoting growth and repair of tissues and bones

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